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American Backflow has a large inventory of Repair Kits and Parts - Click to view selections

 American Backflow Specialties 

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2860 Market Street, San Diego, Ca 92102

Phone: (619) 527-2525 | FAX: (619) 527-2527 | (800) 66-BKFLO | (800) 662-5356

Email:  info@americanbackflow.com

Backflow Repair Parts & Kits

Backflow repair parts and kits allow you to keep your backflow device running properly. Backflow preventer devices are designed to protect your water system from potentially toxic pollutants, so it is critical to keep them operating properly.  You can save time and money by replacing the part instead of the whole device!​ 

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American Backflow Prevention Assemblies Large Inventory

Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Backflow preventer assemblies are used to protect water supplies from contamination or pollution. Backflow devices are installed on potable water lines to protect against back-siphonage and back-pressure of contaminated water into the potable water supply.

Backflow assemblies provide protection where potential health hazards exist.​​

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DUKE EZ-900 - American Backflow Diffential Pressure Test Equipment

Backflow Test Equipment & Gauges

American Backflow Specialties has a large inventory of certified backflow test gauge equipment to fulfill all your needs. From hoses to test fittings to test gauges, all backflow products to help test, are IN STOCK. From our fast, accurate, proprietary electronic EZ900 test gauge to a wide selection of analog test gauges, we have you covered.  We also offer calibration services.

View SAFECAGE Backflow Safety Enclosures


Backflow Enclosures

American Backflows SAFE-CAGES and SUPER-SAFE CAGES are available in 28"- 32" - 38" - 44" - 45"

Backflow enclosures are a very important part in the installation of an outdoor backflow assembly. It provides protection from vandals and weather while improving the appearance and completing the installation. 


We have a large selection of specialty backflow prevention tools and gauges.

  • Braided Packing

  • Clap Retainer Clips

  • Seat Removal Tools

  • Cover Wrenches

  • Long GV Aluminum Wrenches

View all Backflow Prevention Valves


Pressure Reducing Valves and Regulators are designed to protect residential and commercial water distribution systems by controlling excessive pressures.


The valves are built for long reliable service with proven ASTM grade materials including a bronze body and stainless steel strainer. 


Want to view how to put together a backflow enclosure? We have several videos for that. Want information on backflow prevention and best practices? American Backflow's collection of videos grows as we work to keep you up to date on backflow prevention installations, repairs, tips, how to and more. 



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