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American Backflow ® - Credit Application Form

Thank you for your interest in opening an account with American Backflow Specialties ®. This sheet is provided for your convenience. It will help assist you in filling out our application correctly, which will speed up the process.

The first page is our Credit Application. It must be signed by an Owner, a Partner or Officer. We cannot start processing your request without this signature. Fax numbers are important. These also speed up the process. Also, please fill out all the information on this application.

Once the Credit Application is sent in, you will be return sent a Bank Credit Information Request sheet.


The only thing that you need to fill out is your bank name & account number. This will then be sent back to us making and we get in contact with your banks listed, .for an authorized bank signature . (These four items are located at the top of the page and have an X). Your bank will fill out the remainder of this form.

Just send the Credit Application and we will take over and lead the process.

Also, if you have a Resale card, please include it when returning this package, so you will not be inadvertently charged taxes.

It can take up to 30 days to process your request, reliant on your listed references promptitude. We will send you a letter of correspondence once we have determined the status of your application.

Thank you again for your interest,

Credit Department

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