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American Backflow Test Equipment - Mid-West Instrument

Differential Pressure

Test Gauges

Mid-West Instruments has engineered a series of differential pressure transmitters with the ability to transmit data signals. The microprocessor based instruments are equipped with proprietary magnetic sensors that convert the differential pressure gauges' normal magnetic movements into electric signals.

Backflow Test Gauges

American Backflow ® has a large inventory of certified backflow test gauge equipment, hoses, and test fittings. We have a wide selection of analog test gauges, and also provide backflow test gauge calibration services. 

Mid-West Instruments

American Backflow Test Equipment - Mid-West Instrument

Mid-West® Instrument develops proprietary designs that are manufactured exclusively for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Mid-West® Instrument differential pressure gauge, switch, or transmitter can be customized to the customer’s exact specifications.

DUKE Products

DUKE Product EZ900 Backflow Tester


Computerized Differential Pressure Gauge

Automatic Computerized Calibration


  • Includes: Carrying case & strap, Hoses, Brass fittings, Testing Instructions

  • Backflow Test Gauge - Ver. D3.2

  • Tests All Backflow Assemblies

  • Three gauges in one tester with continuous display of high side and low side and differential pressures.

  • 0-250 psi. High side and low side in 1 psi increments. Differential pressures in tenths (0.0 psi).

  • Function prompts shown in display.

  • Automatic calibration (upon gauge activation).

  • Accuracy ±.2 PSID.

  • Null feature, differential pressures can be reset to zero and then restored to normal operation.

  • Two SS transducers (pressure sensors).

  • Proof Pressure: 500 psi

  • Burst pressure: 1250 psi

  • Operating Pressure: 0 to 250 psi 

  • Temperature: 35 - 250°F

  • Two valve (vent) operation, high side and low side.

  • Two keypad buttons: On and Hold/Null/Manual off

  • Automatic off, after 10 minutes of no activity.

  • Three replaceable D size rechargeable batteries (may use alkaline batteries).

  • Low battery indicator (star appears top left in display).

  • Water resistant design.

ABBITZ Measurement


ABBITZ™ indicators are available in a broad selection of materials and dial sizes for a variety of safe working pressures and differential pressure ranges.  They are widely used for the measurement of differential pressure, flow rate, and liquid level applications

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