WILKINS 600XL - 3/4"- REGU KIT (LF ONLY) - (RK34-600XL) - RK34-600 - UPC 612052076393


PRV Repair Kit, Lead-Free - 600XL


  • Fits 3/4" 600 and 600XL
  • Includes cap washers, screen, seat washer, stem, diaphragm, diaphragm disc and bolt, spring, spring disc, friction ring, locknut, union gasket, and lubricant
  • Spring range 25-75 psi
  • Lead-free law compliant
  • Green Environmental Attribute: Does not Contain Reproductive or Developmental Toxins (as Per State of CA List), Endocrine Disrupters (as Per European Union Priority For Research List), Asthmagens (as Per AOEC List), Carcinogens (as Per IARC 1-2A-2B Lists)
  • Type: 600 Series Lead Free Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Material of Construction: Rubber, Steel, Zinc, Brass



WILKINS 600XL - 3/4"- Regulator Kit - LF - (RK34-600XL)

SKU: RK34-600XL